make me choose: lee seunghyun or / seungri asked by iamtotallycool5
 ’I’m not the type of person to act one way in front of the camera and another when it’s off. What you see is what you get.’
make me choosebigbang in fur or leather asked by tabistolemyheart
make me choosegreen daesung or blue dragon asked by fourteenbunny
make me choose: top or daesung asked by anon
make me choose: top with black hair or blue hair asked by anon
make me choose: top with black hair or blue hair asked by anon
make me choose tabi’s mint hair or platinum hair asked by retnolaras
make me choose: doom dara or & v-dragon asked by big-vip-bang + anon
make me choosetopri or gri asked by leeseungriah
make me choose: blond dragon or pink dragon asked by fourteenbunny